I’m Adam

I’ve been freelancing as a writer, editor, graphic designer, and photographer since 2005. I work by a simple philosophy:

Everything is a story.

That is, everything designed—a bit of copy, a photograph, a business card—is an experience. At the center of every story is a purpose, and a story whose purpose is clear is recognizable instantly. Bring me your purpose and I’ll help you tell your story.

I have one guiding maxim: do as much as necessary with as little as necessary.

I remove what doesn’t work, and polish what does, until your audience can taste every corner of it.

I think most trends tell stories badly, because they’re one-size-fits-all. I let words, images and the things between do what they want to: breathe. I work with my clients closely to create things that reflect the care they put into them.

Let’s talk about your next project. I’m sure I’ll love it.