Beyond the Light

Gary Stewart Chorré and I collaborated on his fifth book, Beyond the Light, in all aspects of production. I sequenced, copyedited, designed, and bound this delightful volume.

Gary Stewart Chorré and I have collaborated since 2008. I’ve designed four books he wrote in the early–mid-’90s.

Beyond the Light is a cycle of aphorisms

Poetry is one of the few areas of life
where one may be honest without punishment
or reward.

All of eternity
is visible
in the epiphanous instant
of understanding.

Over 2014–15, I took that series, ordered, copyedited, and designed them, and designed a book around them. The cover reflects the spareness and simplicity of the text, and plays with notions of time and the infinite. I oversaw printing with my favorite local printer, and proceeded to chop, score, pinch, glue, and clamp 100 copies with the help of the author, and his family friend Angel. The books have become collector’s-edition promotional items. Good luck finding yours!