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La Montañita Co-op Market

In September 2009 I began writing and designing for my local Co-op market. Though I was hired as a Marketing Assistant, my skills grew so much during my time there that my position was renamed Senior Designer.

I wrote, edited, and maintained their blog and Facebook presence. I edited 4–6 posts per month, and whittled from 1000+ words to 400–600, and varying the depth from light punctuation to full-scale rearrangement and rewriting. I more than tripled their Facebook fans and substantially increased fan participation on the page. I wrote articles for the center-spread of the monthly newsletter, ranging from layman’s clarifications of worldwide Cooperative statistics to marketing copy, and drove in-store participation. I also wrote and edited innumerable marketing posters and small signs used around the stores.

Meanwhile, I planned and designed many in-store signs, for materials ranging from magnets to steel. I often oversaw installation and maintained relationships with store-level managers, helping to grease communication between the stores and the Administrative Offices. I was instrumental in the formation and iconography of the “We Love…” campaign, which has increased sales and customer loyalty, and which the Marketing Dept. still uses today (“We Love Food,” “We Love Our Customers,” etc.).