Adam RubinsteinAdam Rubinstein

Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center Promotional Flyer, front

Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center

Located in the hinterlands between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Ampersand is an off-grid compound. Its owner-maintainers, Amanda and Andy Bramble, are good friends.

What excites me most about their vision is their interest in designing sustainable systems that mimic the convenience and amenities of contemporary American life. What does that mean? Solar cooking and heating, vast rainwater catchment rigs, indoor and outdoor gardens, land maintenance, and yes, composting toilets. In 2014, they started offering Air BnB hideouts, they’re doing truly remarkable work.

Since 2012, I’ve developed their logo and brand, designed posters, rack and postcards, business cards digital promotional materials. In 2013 I consulted on and helped implement their WordPress-based website.

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