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Dig and Serve: dinner plate close up

Dig and Serve

Dig and Serve is a pop-up restaurant focused on what happens at the table.

Dig and Serve started in Houston, and recently made its way to New Mexico. The concept is simple and profound: The best ingredients, from the highest quality local farms, served fresh. What sets them apart, though, is that they don’t stop with the food. Dig and Serve is about conversation, connection, and dialog. A place at the table isn’t cheap, but that’s because everyone involved is being paid a fair, decent, living wage.

When they came to Albuquerque, they linked with Rob Hoberg. Rob and I had worked together at Vital Foods in 2015, and he knew I could deliver exceptional food and event photography, in the same evening.

Their first event, a “beta” dinner, was held at the inimitable Levitated Toy Factory, in Downtown Albuquerque. I shot both the prep and the dinner hall, which gave me a chance to tell two stories. That is, the two stories that combine for Dig and Serve to tell their story: people coming together over food. The conversations that can be accessed only when good friends collide strangers, who are also with good friends, and great food sits between them. It’s easy to find common ground when your mouth is happy and your belly is full. It’s the great potential of the dinner conversation. It’s the dinner story.

They’ve used my photographs to advertise new dinners, on the front page of their website, and to assist in their second-place win at the ABQid Ski Lift Pitch contest, where they won critical investment capital.

Dig and Serve’s hope is that soon, new stories will start to appear, which begin, “We met at this pop-up restaurant event.” I’ve loved being part of this new communal event, and look forward to shooting for them in the future. And as is sometimes the case with homegrown food events, the perks are delicious!

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