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Flamenco Denver: Annual Calendar: On stage

Flamenco Denver

Flamenco Denver is one of the premier troupes in the Southwest.

That is, Flamenco Denver is one of the premier troupes not based in Albuquerque, for which we forgive them. Guitar and cajón players come in from the south to join local dancers in their epic pursuit of the world’s saddest and most empowering dance.

A singer in the group, Katix Crawford, hired me to shoot their annual Fall show in November 2015. Katix touched base several weeks ahead of time, so I could be sure she got everything she wanted, and that I wouldn’t be documenting anything (or anywhere) I wasn’t welcome. I was cleared with María Vasquez, the group’s Creative Director, and I came into town the day before, to ensure I had a good night’s rest before we started.

I covered Flamenco Denver from all angles.

I believe that two photographers, even standing in the same place, even with precisely the same gear, are unlikely to take the same shot. So while I knew that another photographer had worked with them the night before, I also knew I wanted to give Katix and María something special. So I shot from both sides of the stage, from the front of the stage, and from behind. (One view I don’t care for is from straight-on. If you’d like to see the show from the house, tickets are available.) I also roamed backstage, shooting dancers as they watched and cheered one another from the flanks, and as they practiced in the hallways of Cleo Robinson’s classic, stately building.

The work that night was jaw-dropping. I can’t wait to work with them again.

Several of these images were included a few months later in their annual calendar, a fundraising tool sold in their off-season.

See the full set of photos on my photoblog.

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