Adam RubinsteinAdam Rubinstein

Vital Foods V stickers, 1.5" circle

Vital Foods

In 2015 co-owned Vital Foods, a small organic grocery, and vegan cafe, with a team of five. Though hired to implement and maintain their website, I quickly began designing identity and printed materials.

The logo was a the first step in a rebranding effort. I kept several elements of the original logo: sun rays, and two of the colors. The goal was to evoke a fresh taste, full of energy. I chose the type to imply both structure and verve, and the V quickly became a standalone sub-logo.

I created many signs used in-store, implemented and updated a shopping cart-based website, as well as a secondary, WordPress-based website, used primarily for maintaining our company newsletter. My plans to design product packaging were cut short at the end of the year, when I decided to leave the company.

From August to December I photographed, and periodically styled, the café’s daily lunch special. I would post these images to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, each of which I was responsible for maintaining.

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