Barter for a Résumé

Barter for a Resume :: Adam Rubinstein :: Gourmet Book DesignI used to overhaul résumés for free.

It was the beginning of the Recession, and I wanted to help how I could. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t keep doing it. But résumés are a very effective way to make a difference in the lives of friends and strangers alike. So now it’s back—with a twist.

What goes into a résumé overhaul?

It’s simple, but comprehensive:

  1. We break your experience into different résumés, for different types of positions (up to two).
  2. We rewrite all your experience to be specifically appealing to a new employer, and help your personality come through.
  3. I design your résumé to reflect your needs, and to stand out in the pile.

Now for the twist.

I’ve been paid in cookies, original music, lithographs, professional-grade framing, dinner, and more. Have a crack at it. What are you willing to trade for a résumé overhaul?

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