To work with Adam was a true pleasure. Not only did he have the sensitivity and personal insight as to what to include in our website, but also the courage to honestly guide and push us when we were slacking off. For us, the process of creating written materials about ourselves seemed at first a bit frightening and we soon found ourselves on uncharted territory. We needed help. Adam provided both the keen eye of an editor as well as comforting support when in need. He answers any questions promptly and makes anyone who are in the process of building their families feel that it is really going to happen. Randy and I are today the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy, and happy little boy and we truly believe that Adam had a huge part in that creation.

Maja Raugh
Adopting Parent

The programs that Adam designed for National Poetry Slam, circa 2006 and 2007, were as intricate, unique, and explosive as the five-day, 80-city spoken word/performance poetry festival they represented. Adam took an enormous amount of information, coming from a variety of sources (in an equal variety of quality and accuracy) and honed it into a truly gorgeous publication; one that served as the bible of information that an event program should, but that also kept an eye on style, feel, vibe. Adam understands both form and function and finds a way for them to live together and grow into something greater, something new. Finally, I’ll say that Adam did his work in a less-than-desirable working environment; long-distance, over email and late night phone calls, and delivered on-time, on-budget, and was honestly a blast to work with.

Mike Henry
Creative Director, 2006-07 National Poetry Slam

Adam is hard-working compadre with a good eye, thoroughly capable of producing well-composed print design right on time.

Kevin Paul
Production Director (2004–2013), The Collector’s Guide